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Joshu Shih

Project Manager

Joshu Shih is TRA’s Washington, DC-based staff member.  Joshu returned to TRA in 2013; his previous tenure at TRA was from 2007 to 2010, during which he developed expertise in transit operations, safety, and security. Joshu primarily works with numerous government and public transportation agencies across the United States on projects related to public transportation operations, rule compliance, and training; accident and incident investigation; and corrective action plan analysis and support. Joshu has also performed transit system security reviews at several bus transit agencies across North America. Joshu’s areas of expertise are rail transit operations and operations training; system safety and operations audits; and operating practices and procedures. Joshu currently manages TRA’s rail transit State Safety Oversight projects in Texas and Oregon. Joshu earned his Master of City Planning with a concentration in transportation planning from the University of Pennsylvania and Bachelor of Arts from Washington University in St. Louis with majors in psychology and finance.

Joshu is a life-long transit enthusiast beginning from his days of riding Iowa City Transit, the University of Iowa’s Cambus, and the Boston-area MBTA’s “T” as a child. When he is not working with North America’s transit systems, he enjoys exploring neighborhoods and hikes around Washington, DC, traveling across the United States, and watching the Iowa Hawkeyes compete in Big Ten college athletics.