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Christopher E. Wallgren

Vice President

Christopher E. Wallgren, Vice President, is a transportation operations expert with over fifteen years of experience. He leads multidisciplinary teams in conducting comprehensive reviews of and in developing management plans related to operations, maintenance, safety, and security/emergency management. Chris delivers products that are designed to meet the real-world needs of public transportation providers. Since 2000, Chris has managed the industrywide committee of senior rail transit managers in the development of twenty operating practices standards that apply to all US heavy rail, light rail, and streetcar systems. During that time he has also managed assessments of the efficacy of transit operating, maintenance, safety, and security practices for rail transit, commuter rail, bus transit, and paratransit agencies and contract operators in nearly every corner of North America. From the largest multimodal agencies in major metropolitan areas to smaller single mode operators, Chris listens to client needs and carefully balances the best practices that apply across the industry with the unique operating conditions of each individual agency. Chris has earned a public transportation-focused Master of Science in Engineering (M.S.E.) and Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Systems (B.S.E.) from the University of Pennsylvania.

Chris is most happy whenever he is involved with some mode of transportation. As a child, he built a large train set with long distance and corridor passenger trains, freight trains, light rail, and bus systems. In his free time and for assignments, he researched transportation planning, as well as aviation and rail accident investigations. He continues to explore his passion for transportation and travel, taking any opportunity to visit new places both at home in New York, around the US, and abroad. He enjoys cooking and loves to read and learn about the history and culture of food.