TRA Releases Webinars to Navigate New FTA PTASP Requirements

TRA has created a series of webinars designed to help transit agencies and state safety oversight (SSO) agencies understand and implement new requirements from the Federal Transit Administration around Public Transportation Agency Safety Plans (PTASPs). With the release of 49 CFR Part 673, as of July 2020 bus transit providers operating more than 100 buses in peak service must develop and have in place a PTASP. Part 673 goes into effect in April 2019, so agencies have one year to create a plan that complies with the regulation. In addition, smaller bus transit agencies must either write themselves or have a PTASP written for them by their state’s SSO agency. The regulation also includes requirements about implementation of Safety Management Systems, or SMS. While many larger bus agencies may be familiar with similar requirements from the FTA, 673 represents a significant increase in safety oversight for a whole new category of transit operators. TRA’s webinars offer details explanations of the new rule, as well as recommendations for developing a PTASP.

You can view all of TRA’s webinars and learn more about PTASPs and SMS on our YouTube channel here. For more information on how TRA can assist in developing and implementing a PTASP, SMS requirements, or a gap analysis, please email us at

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