Business Development Manager career opportunity

TRA Business Development Manager Opportunity

TRA provides management and technical consulting services to the transportation industry, especially in public transit operations, safety, security, and maintenance. TRA’s work includes auditing, safety program development and assessment, and regulatory compliance assessments, as well as transit agency systems analyses. TRA provides its clients with detailed written findings and recommendations, as well as both quantitative and qualitative analyses.

Position Description

Primary Functions and Responsibilities

1.  Grow TRA’s consulting business by cultivating existing business development relationships, identifying and establishing new relationships, and identifying new clients, business areas, and work. 

2.        Identify and monitor RFP sources, including, but not limited to databases, individual transit agency procurement websites, and other locations, for relevant notices and postings of RFPs, RFQs, RFIs, or other potential project opportunities.  

3. Independently, and also with TRA business development leaders meet and develop relationships with business development staff at other firms

4. Manage and direct updates to business development-related assets such as resumes and project descriptions, assist in development of TRA proposals to new and existing clients

5. Meet on a scheduled basis with TRA Principals to discuss business development efforts and report on business development performance

6. Provide feedback and ideas to TRA Principals on effectiveness of current efforts or potential new areas of business

7. Develop and provide reports to Project Managers on business development  efforts – timelines, levels of effort, scope, etc.

8.   Contribute to marketing materials, website development and maintenance, and social media efforts


Secondary Functions and Responsibilities

9.   Actively participate in and aid in tracking TRA’s strategic planning processes

10. Contribute to the development, maintenance, and tracking of TRA’s internal business development procedures


Position Requirements and Parameters

A. Position will be based on a 45-hour work week, with off-hours/extra effort required for time-sensitive tasks, e.g., for certain deliverables and important submittals, travel, etc.

B. BD Manager may be required to respond to email, mobile phone, and other reasonable means of communication while off site or during off hours, in particular when urgent or time-sensitive issues arise

C. BD manager will report to and work closely with TRA’s Vice Presidents on a task-assignment basis for individual proposals and other business development tasks.  

D. Monetary bonuses will be tied in part to recent past business development performance and successes, and to contributions to TRA’s overall growth

E. Travel will be required for conferences, meetings, business development appointments, etc.

F. This position description to be reviewed and revised as needed by the BD Manager and TRA Vice Presidents


Minimum  Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in an applicable field (e.g., marketing, business administration, communications) is required. Advanced degree is a plus.

  • Minimum of ten years experience in business development. Experience in engineering, transportation, management consulting, government contracting, or similar disciplines preferred. 

  • Personality and approach that will fulfill requirements listed above, including strong communication, organization, and coordination skills; ability to succeed both independently and as a key part of TRA’s team; tenacity to learn TRA’s business and help it grow.

  • Ability to  work independently and interface regularly with a wide range of clients and potential clients. Must be outgoing, engaging, and social, and must actively look for ways they can help the TRA team. 

  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Office programs, especially Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Past experience with customer relationship management software and other organizational tools is a plus.

  • Must be primarily based in Philadelphia, but also able to engage in frequent travel, which may include multi-day trips. 

  • Must have a valid driver’s license, be able to pass a criminal background check, and be a U.S. citizen.

Candidates must send a detailed description of their interest in the Business Development Manager position, their ability to meet its qualifications, their understanding of TRA and its work, and how they will help TRA thrive and grow. Send your qualifications and a cover letter or expression of interest explaining why you would be a good fit for the position to Applicants without a cover letter or expression of interest will not be considered.

TRA’s Mission

TRA provides practical, high-value services that enhance safety, security, operations, and management.  Our experts focus on the unique needs of each client, working within their resources to deliver effective solutions.

TRA’s Vision

TRA will leverage its strong reputation for quality consulting services to continue to grow the markets we serve, the quality of our client services, the efficiency and effectiveness of our internal business processes, and the development and satisfaction of our employees, upon whom our continued success depends.


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