At TRA, our mission is clear:  to ensure the success of our clients.  To meet this goal, we offer a wide range of services targeted to meet any need.

Could your organization improve its operational efficiency?

TRA provides multi-modal operations & maintenance support servicesincluding:

  • Comprehensive O&M Assessments
  • Operating Rules & Procedures Development
  • Fleet Management & Maintenance Planning
  • Functional Analysis of Business Processes
  • Workforce Development Improvements

Is your organization looking to grow?

TRA offers technical support for system planning, providing experienced operational insights and industry-driven guidance including:

  • Model Transit Program Development & Guidelines
  • Service Expansion & Start-Up Strategies
  • Service Modeling, Feasibility Studies, & Cost Analysis
  • Solicitation Management & Procurement Expertise
  • Implementation & Project Management Support

Could the systems infrastructure that supports your organization be more effective?

TRA offers flexible on-site teams that provide systems engineering and maintenance support services, including:

  • Asset Management Solutions & Optimization
  • On-Site Engineering & Technical Support
  • System Integration & New Technology Analysis
  • Asset Maintenance Condition Assessments
  • System Safety Audits & Evaluations

Is your organization prepared for unexpected emergencies?

TRA will work with you to properly assess your organization’s security and emergency preparedness and work to minimize operating risks, including:

  • Security Planning & Program Development
  • System Security Program & Plan Enhancements
  • Emergency Preparedness Evaluations
  • Threat & Vulnerability Assessments
  • Drill & Exercise Planning and Implementation

Does your organization comply with industry standards and requirements?

TRA provides regulatory and best practice compliance support services to help your organization operate optimally, including:

  • State & Federal Regulatory Preparedness
  • State Safety Oversight Program Support
  • Project Management Oversight Administration
  • Reporting & Compliance Process Enhancements
  • Industry Best Practices Expertise & Guidance