Security, CCTV camera for office building at night in London.


The Threat, Risk, and Security Evaluation (TRASE) is a comprehensive assessment of your company’s security needs, risks, and priorities, created through an expert-led process that highlights site-specific issues and delivers recommendations you can implement immediately to make your business more secure. TRASE has been designed by security professionals at TRA to give you a complete picture of risks and threats facing your business.




modern distribution center behind wired fenceCHECK OTHER SIMILAR IMAGES IN MY PORTFOLIO....Our team—including former career law enforcement executives—will work closely with you and your staff to evaluate your level of risk, and the threats and vulnerabilities most likely to impact your employees, your assets, and your bottom line. For the private sector, managing your core business is top priority, and security often falls by the wayside–until an event occurs. That’s why we developed the TRASE. This evaluation focuses on reducing day-to-day and long-term risk by assessing elements within your control, and providing you the tools you need to make your organization more secure.

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